Kenzan Steps Out

Kenzan, as a professional services company, has a history stretching back over 10 years. Most of this time has been spent outside the public eye, quietly working hard for our clients. More recently, we gradually began increasing our public participation. This blog is a step in the journey.

This journey has been exciting for us and follows in the same path that many others have taken. Like many engineering firms, we’ve always made extensive use of open source code in our projects. Rather than being a cost motivator, open-source projects have simply become best-of-breed for many supporting technologies.

Over time, we’ve taken the steps to make patches and contributions to open source. As any good citizen of the community, you begin to feel compelled to make contributions to the tools you use. In this day and age, it’s no longer a question of whether you should contribute to open source, it’s a question of how much you can contribute.

Taking the next logical step, we’ve started building some of our own open source projects. We’re ready to contribute new ways of doing things or to build missing pieces we haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Our projects, which you can find at, span areas from front-end tools to java development and devops.

We have a number of projects under way internally that we hope to be releasing over the next several months in areas focusing on NetflixOSS apps, continuous delivery with Spinnaker and configuration management.

In addition to contributing our code, we have one more thing we want to share: it’s what we’ve learned. Over the years we’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience building microservices,  working with NetflixOSS in the cloud, creating HTML5 applications on many different platforms and devices, providing DevOps services and guidance. We’re planning to share our experience in creating best practices in architecture, software design, cloud DevOps and our development process.

To find out more about Kenzan, checkout us out here. And, if you’re interested in the things we’re doing, we’re hiring.

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