Redesigning the Tech Hiring Landscape

By Kevin McKenna

As huge advances in technology continue to push the boundaries of our digital experiences, companies across industries are looking for highly skilled employees to help them build the tools, products and services that power our lives. As a result, the demand for top talent is quickly outpacing the supply. The consensus in the technology sector is that we are in a talent drought. By 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor expects that there will be more than 1 million unfilled IT jobs as the demand for highly-skilled employees will far exceed the supply of computer science graduates.

At Kenzan, where we’ve hired 40 people over the last year, we believe that there is a vast pool of untapped talent that is ready to work, but often overlooked. These candidates have the skills and motivation to perform these jobs, but lack the one thing that will get them an interview: a four year computer science (or similar) degree from a college or university. Instead, these potential employees have acquired their skills through non-traditional means like industry-certified training programs, independent projects, coding boot camps, apprenticeships and high-quality online courses.

IMG_6553 (1)Last week in our Rhode Island office, we hosted High Tech Recruiting: Cultivating the Unconventional, an event aimed at exploring and expanding the tech hiring landscape in lil’ Rhody. Along with our co-host TechHireRIthe event brought together work-ready talent with employers and community partners. The goal here is to close the opportunity gap for many of these job seekers and to encourage hiring companies to look outside of traditional recruiting sources.  

Speaking to a packed room, Stefan Pryor, Rhode Island’s Secretary of Commerce, talked about the state’s initiatives to support these efforts in order to spur hiring and job growth. He also spoke to Rhode Island’s commitment to be the first state to bring a computer science curriculum to all schools, K-12.

IMG_6555 (1)
RI Commerce Secretary addresses job seekers, employers and tech trainers on Aug. 25th in Kenzan’s office.

Attendees also heard from organizations that are training, educating and developing these tech workers so that they enter the workforce with the same skills and competency as their degree-holding counterparts. LaunchCode, YearUp, General Assembly, Apprenticeship RI, TechForce and Computer Science Minors each led a discussion about the future of IT training, with both employers looking to recruit and candidates looking for a job.

The event sparked a conversation that will carry over into community partnerships as all of us — employers, job seekers, tech training services, industry leaders and government officials — work together to give those who have the skills the same chance to get the job.

Kevin McKenna is the Director of Operations for Kenzan and is based out of our Rhode Island offices. Though most of his time is spent running around with his dog, he is also responsible for supporting current Kenzan teams and for bringing new Kenzanites on board. With a background in the building trades and working with small teams on ambitious projects, Kevin is well suited to assist in providing a solid foundation for a dynamic organization.

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  1. I attended this event and the conversations that took place were fantastic. It is great to see such initiative and drive to come together and find creative ways of empowering people with the current tech skills that are needed.

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